Benedict Evans:

The problem is, this sort of ignorance and misunderstanding is often how we get true disruption - people are so ignorant that they don’t know something can’t be done and won’t work, so they go and do it, and it works. Dropbox and Paypal are particularly good examples of this, while Bessemer’s ‘anti-portfolio' is a fun look at the sensible reasons why some amazing companies would never work. The challenge of venture investing is that the model depends on investing in things that are laughable, because those are the only things that can make billions of dollars from zero in a few years. So you kind of want people to laugh at you and think you don’t understand the sector. You just have to be sure that you understand why they’re laughing.

Said another way: if it was obvious to everyone, everyone would be doing it — or worse: would have already done it. Only truly “crazy” ideas change anything. And only those ignorant enough (or “crazy” enough) chase “crazy” ideas.

Be yourself, follow your crazy ideas!

On some level I understand why people can’t tolerate this music. It’s the same reason people can’t tolerate when other people maintain eye contact too long. Society has conditioned us to treat any show of sustained gentleness with either skepticism or pity. We’re taught to thrive on drama, anxiety, and violence because drama, anxiety, and violence are more dynamic and easier to sell. Nothing is less interesting than inner peace. Try and tell a friend about a time when you felt completely at ease with the tides of the world and you’ll see what I mean.
Mike Powell  with an interesting thought on music (or art, or entertainment, etc..) and inner peace.